Summer Camp

What is Summer Camp & Why is it important?

Summer Camp is an annual social event with a complete fun based recreational gathering which is meant for exclusively children suffering with HIV/AIDS. DESIRE Society has initiated it in the year 2009 in Hyderabad. Since 2015, we are glad to see that Summer Camp has been taking place for children of Visakhapatnam too. The camp attracts about 100 HIV positive children from the communities of surrounding districts of Visakhapatnam. The day long activities with an hour to hour agenda for about 3-4 days would keep up children touch sky with endless happiness while they involve i.e. the science show/exhibition which was introduced last year in summer camp was attracted all the kids and they experienced it in reality. All the children come from outside are provided shelter, food and medical assistance till the completion of the event. At the end of the day children carry a kit of nutrition supplementary, educational stationary along with a school bag. Of course, most of the children do cry to leave the venue as they want to continue the event for more days. Besides, it will be a right occasion for the people who want to volunteer towards underprivileged in the society. 

When & Where:

We organize every year in the month of May at Gajuwaka close by our care home in Visakhapatnam. 

How you can be part of this unique social event:

Supporters have kept spirit alive of continuity in conducting summer camp every year. The likeminded people can extend help in the following ways:

       Day wise sponsorship of events

       Sponsoring food part (Day wise or whole event)

       Material support in form of school stationary, supplementary nutrition kits, Grocery items and children daily utility kits   (soaps, towels, tooth paste and brush etc.)

       Get registered as volunteer or a group

       Involve your company/business/group

       Sharing message of event to like-minded persons via facebook & other means of  ways

       Media connect for event

 Whom should you contact:

Mr Laxmana  - Project Manager

7330883307 or write to us at