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Swathi Success Story



Swathi is a 3 years old girl. She is suffering with HIV virus, infected through her mother during her birth. Now she is in AIDS stage, which is a very critical condition as HIV patient and her physical posture indicates that she hardly can live for days. Her father died of HIV four years ago and her mother is on bed condition with HIV infection, she also appears very close to end her life. This family belongs to poor, they work as daily labourers in a food catering group. Swathi was just 3 kgs weight when admitted at DESIRE Society Care centre. Mother lost hope on her daughter. Swathi was also in very sad mood where she was not able to move from one place to another. She used to sit there itself due to her unsupported health condition. It was so pathetic that she cries all the time.

Exactly, after four weeks things got changed. Swathi started to smile. After admitted at DESIRE Society she is been under well care and treatment taken by our medical staff. She is able to get ARV (Antiretroviral) treatment which is only the medicine available to expand the life time of an HIV infected person. This is supported by DESIRE Society. Now she is playing with her fellow in-mates, wishing others and able to have food from time to time.

Here, one thing is very clear that a proper nutrition and timely medical care (with ART) only brought change in her life. Now Swathi’s living conditions moved from sorrow to happiness. Now the fabulous news is that Swathi's mother is not able to believe it because Swathi has gained her weight up to 12kgs from 3kgs within span of 3 months. After all, Swathi is “smiling with full of heart like a just born baby.”