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Seemala Sai Success Story


Seemala sai is a 8 years old boy who lost his mother and father in the year 2017. His mother and father were infected with HIV/AIDS. Sai's parents had a love marriage and shifted to Hyderabad for labor work for 2 years. Thereafter they migrated to Vijayawada from there. At that point, sai's parents became sick. From there they had returned to their own village and both their parents expired due to HIV/AIDS.

In this situation see mala sai started living with his grandfather who was a very old person. The village elders were worried and admitted him to the Government shelter sisugruha in Srikakakulam. After some days sai started suffering from fever and the sisugruha team took him to hospital and medical examinations were done. They found that sai was also HIV positive. The sisugruha team approached CWC srikakulam. But CWC team's response was that they are not taking care of HIV-positive children in their district. Also, the CWC team enquired with Visakhapatnam officials in this case.DESIRE Society was referred to take care of Sai. After taking the information [on 24.07.2019] District Child protection officer Mr. Malleswarao along with child seemala sai [with all the CWC legal admission proceeding documents] has joined him at DESIRE Society.

At the time of admission the child sai was crying and not sleeping properly. He was too small to eat himself so his caretakers started feeding food to him. He was looking thin and did not have the capacity to speak. Now, Sai is taking ART drugs regularly under the monitoring of DESIRE team. At the time of joining Sai's weight was10kgs and CD4 count- was 390 and now the child's weight has reached to 20kgs and CD4- the 700

In the first week of joining, he was not mingling with other inmates. Now, he is a super active boy and likes to play few hours daily. Now he is studying in Ravindra English medium school [LKG] which is close to the care home.

At present Sai's education is going on well and he is living the life of a normal child in the DESIRE Society Care Home at Visakhapatnam. We hope that he will study well with good health status in the future too.

Now, he says that DESIRE Society is my family and he does not seem to miss his parents. The supportive hands from the community will enable us to fulfill his dreams when he grows up.