Pavani (Name Changed) was born in poor family. She lost her mother due to HIV when she was a newborn baby and his father has been missing for a long time. After being orphaned as a newborn baby Pavani and her younger brother pathnames were raised in their maternal grandmother’s home. In a slum area at Vikhroli. However, due to poor health and monetary condition, her grandmother and the kids were forced to leave the slum and live on the street. Both children were extremely feeble and living in squalor, scavenging for food or clothes in dustbins.

They brought them to “DESIRE Society” through one of our outreach workers in the community. She has ensured adequate health care and monitoring. When she was admitted to the CCI her weight was 15.6kg she was also given balanced supplementary nutrition that boosted her immunity level. Focus is not only on physical but also on all-rounder growth and development.

Improvement of child

Pavani is studying in 7th Standard at Jawar Vidyalaya, her progress is getting improving day by day, and her favorite subject is Mathematics she loves to solve math problems. Pavani is a negative child, she knows that her inmates are HIV+, she helps them she seats with them eats, play, etc. Pavani is a happy child who enjoys the company of her friends here at Malad. More importantly, she looks forward to the Annual summer camp hosted by “DESIRE Society” for its children and parents, like every one of her friends here at Malad. She aspires to become a doctor. We encourage her dreams. She is very active smart and quick to learn new things.

Current Height and Weight

Weight – 58.3Kg

Height – 140cm