Sarala (Name changed)  a 7 year old HIV girl child was born to HIV-positive parents in Medak District of Telangana. It is a mother-to-child transmission case so she turned out to be HIV positive by birth. Her younger brother is a negative child as her mother took the precautions to save her second sibling from this dreadful disease. After the demise of the HIV parents, both siblings were kept in their maternal aunt’s place [in presence of grandparents]. The presence of the HIV child at home was troubling the family.

She is on ART medication so needs special care in terms of nutritive food and medication on daily basis. Unable to give extra support, the HIV stigma associated made her uncle look for an orphanage. Ms. Divya, the district's Out Reach Worker, brought her to “DESIRE Society “. She knows about our objective of serving HIV children in that particular District. The girl “being positive was admitted in DESIRE Society. Her younger brother is in the care of her uncle only.

Her health condition was worse with a low CD4 count at the time of admission. She was put immediately on a special diet. The ART, the main medication was introduced with immediate effect as per the advice of the medical team. It took a few months to gain her physical strength. Thereafter, no deviation in her diet chart was permitted and it gave good results. She has gained weight and height as a result of this medical advice.

“In-campus schooling “was started initially and later admitted her to a private English medium school. She can grow steadily with timely nutrition and medicinal support while enrolled with DESIRE Care Home at IDA Bollaram. At present, she goes to a private school outside the premises along with other inmates. She is the favorite of her teacher. She wants to be a teacher when grows up in life.

The “ child sponsorship [ services of food/medical care / private schooling ]support” by well-wishers will ensure for sustainable life pattern for her. Hopefully, she will fulfill her dreams with the support of like-minded people.