Ganesh's (Name Changed) mother's name is Pinki Chauhan who lives in Mankhurd. Pinki has two children Ganesh and daughter Aradhana and her father Rambhau Chauhan. The father is not yet known as he used to live in the village. At that time, the boy was undergoing treatment at Ganesh Siva Hospital. Both boys were extremely weak and clumsy, arguing over food or clothing. Volunteers from the DESIRE Society contacted him one day and immediately referred him to the DESIRE Society. The state of the sky after arrival was worse than worship because it is HIV positive while it is HIV negative. He suffered severe muscle wasting due to protein-energy malnutrition. His body was badly affected by the bacterial infection. His CD4 was extremely low, which usually reduced immunity. He had stomach ache and hand and foot pain.

With the constant care and support of our team at Vashi ICH, the sky has improved significantly in 4 years. With a balanced nutritious diet, his weight returned to normal. Under anti-retroviral treatment and regular monthly medical check-ups under the supervision of our dedicated caregivers, his CD4 count improved, which greatly helped his immunity.

The focus is not only on physical health but also on overall growth and development. Ganesh is enrolled in an English school in Vashi and, like the other 10 classmates, is well educated. Children are regularly counseled on the importance of good values ​​such as their health status, sharing and hygiene, and how they should be part of the community in which they live.

Now, after 2 years of continuous care and efforts, Ganesh and his sister Aradhana is happy and his mother Pinki Chauhan works in the kitchen. Ganesh is a good boy. Joe enjoys going to school and playing with friends in the evenings. Most importantly, he expects the annual summer camp organized by the DESIRE Society for children and parents in Vashi, just like all his friends!

Future Plan:He wants to be a dancer in the future and he has a good focus on dreams.